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Visit Mr. V's The Place for Trees!

Hardy Fruit and Nut Trees
Tired of traveling to the Okanogan every year? Build an edible landscape of your own. Our vigorous fruit and nut trees can withstand the rigors of a any northern winter. Our demonstration orchard contains all the hardy trees we sell. Whether eaten straight off the tree or processed in preserves, we'll help your whole family achieve the 7-10 servings a day as recommended by the Canada Food Guide .

Hardy LandscapeTrees
From Aspen to willow and everything in between, we have them all!! Whether you're looking for hundreds of seedlings for a shelterbelt or roadside planting or just one big mother-may-I for the front of the house we have the sizes and prices to suit almost any one!! We have just about every tree, shrub and plant that we sell growing right around our building

Hardy Shrubs
Every thing you need to accessorize your yard or garden. Not only do we carry everything from contrast plants to perfumed fragrance plants but we also display it growing in the context of other shrubs and trees in our show gardens. If Roses are your game then you don't want to miss our Centennial Rose Garden with 13 different hardy, fragrant roses surrounding a fountain - spectacular!!

Hardy Perennials
Have something in your yard blooming from Mid April to the end of October. Whether it is spectacular colour or amazing fragrance that you are looking for in full sun or full shade, we have the perfect plant for you. If you are doubtful of what will look good around the homestead, then check out our 6 different perennial show gardens and pick the plant that's perfect for your purposes.

Hardy Vines
Even Kenny Rogers sang about them in his classic song "You Picked a Vine Time to Leave Me Lucille". These hardy climbers are the missing link that integrate house and landscape design. Perfect for background contrast, helping with energy efficiency, or just hiding that concrete parging or garden shed, we have the vine for you. Not sure which vine is right? Every vine we sell is growing somewhere on one of Mr. V's buildings. Check it out before you buy.

From the Farm
Starting mid July something wonderful happens at Mr. V's - appearing daily, almost by magic, are copious amounts of fresh mouth watering fruit and vegetables. The stawberries, raspberries, saskatoons, new potatoes, peas, and dill are all ready for your dining delight.
If the thought of this makes you hungry as a horse, just think how your horse feels. Coincidentally we also specialize in horse hay, with hay so green you will think you are in Oz. Plus we hay for cattle and other livestock, and square straw bales for cat and dog bedding

Landscape Materials
Building a porch, patio, retaining wall, fountain or waterfall? Never want to water another plant as long as you live? We have all the material you need to do the project right. In fact our show gardens have Mr. V's materials built right into them. We sell and install everything from massive stones to automatic irrigation systems. See what they look like in our modular show gardens. Don't want to do it yourself, no problem, our expert construction team can do it for you.

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